How to use chrome extension in Android

Google Chrome's desktop version supports extensions that improve productivity and web browsing experience. Unfortunately, Google Chrome users on Android are not treated equally. This is due to Google's refusal to allow chrome extensions to be featured in its mobile browser.

How to use chrome extension in Android
How to use chrome extension in Android

However, there are several workarounds. Use a third-birthday celebration chromium-primarily based browser, such as Kiwi browser or Yandex. This tutorial will demonstrate how to install chrome extensions on Android using kiwiBrowser.

How to Add Chrome Extensions on Android Using Kiwi Browser

Kiwi browser is an internet browser utility for Android that supports chrome extensions. The browser installs and populates quickly. Here are the steps for installing Chrome extensions on Android using the Kiwi browser.

  • Download the free Kiwi browser from the Google Play store. Make sure it's the most latest version; otherwise, sideload the app's modern-day launch.
  • Open the browser. Select extensions by tapping the three dots in the top-right nook.
  • To enable developer mode, turn on the toggle button at the top right corner.

How to use chrome extension in Android
How to use chrome extension in Android

  • To access the Chrome Internet Store, type into the URL bar.
  • Choose the extensions you want to use from the Chrome web store, and an installation button will appear next to the extension. Instead, use the browser's address bar to search for an extension by name.
  • When you've found the extension, select add to chrome. A message will appear asking you to confirm your selection. Click OK to install the extension in your Android browser.

How to use chrome extension in Android
How to use chrome extension in Mobile

To control the browser's add-ons, click the three dots in the upper right corner. Then, choose "Extensions" to see a list of installed extensions that you can turn off, replace, or get rid of with a few taps. Your chrome extensions should be able to install on android, but that doesn't mean they will all work. Because Google Chrome extensions aren't made to work well on Android devices.

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Installation chrome extensions on Android

It's easy to add extensions to Chrome on a desktop, but it's not so easy to add the same extensions to Google Chrome for Android. Applying an opportunity to the default chrome browser on Android is one of the easiest ways to install chrome extensions. Chrome extensions can be put on mobile devices with the help of chromium-based browsers like Kiwi. But you can't be sure that every add-on you download and install will work with your mobile browser.

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