How to Make Money from Blogging

How to Make Money From Blogging: 10 Proven Strategies

How do I make money from blogging? This is one of the most frequently asked questions from people who are just starting to consider starting their own blog or website. There are many ways to monetize your website and very few of them require you to sell your soul or become an affiliate marketer. In this article, we’re going to show you ten proven ways to make money blogging (and you’re going to be shocked at how easy they are!)

How to Make Money from Blogging

1) Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

If you are trying to figure out how to make money by blogging, affiliate marketing is a great place to start. Here are some ways you can promote your blog and products through these sites: 
- Write reviews of the product you're promoting - Offer the service for free in exchange for a review of the product - Submit articles about your topic or business that will be posted on their site - Have an actual service with great content? Sell it on through these sites - Be able to offer tips and strategies on how others can do well in their businesses (virtual assistants often earn $200+/hour) - Offer paid consulting services as an affiliate marketer with one of these sites.

2) Monetize Your Traffic With Display Ads

No business is easy to launch, but for many businesses, the process starts with a blog post. That's because content marketing has become one of the most powerful ways to grow your following and show up in Google's top results. For bloggers looking for ways how to make money from blogging, monetizing your traffic with display ads is a great way on how to make money by starting a blog. When you choose this path on how, you'll find that it will provide readers with something new and different from what they're used to seeing elsewhere on your website or their social media feeds. More importantly, you'll get a chance to serve up a new brand message while increasing engagement rates at the same time!

3) Create Paid Membership Sites

Creating a membership site is one of the most effective ways of how to earn money as blogger. The downside is that you need a decent number of regular followers in order to create an online community where they'll be willing to pay for your content. If you have created a following before, then I recommend going with a membership site which provides ongoing value through new content, for example by email newsletters and additional eBooks.

4) Launch A Membership Site That Converts

The how-to blogosphere is saturated with how to make money blog posts, and most articles I see are centered around affiliate marketing or self-publishing. They're two solid strategies, but what if you want something more passive? That's where membership sites come in! Unlike self-publishing and affiliate marketing, membership sites have a different setup that lends itself better for making more passive income. In this post we'll cover the basics of how to earn money from blogging through creating a membership site.
Learn what makes up a powerful membership site and when it's best to start one as opposed to trying something else. Find out how many pages your site should have and which content formats will serve you best before proceeding.

5) Use The Amazon Associates Program

For a long time, the affiliate program was enough of an income for bloggers who were just starting out. However, over the years many people have grown to rely on other methods of how to make money by blogger such as through blog advertising and/or sponsorship deals. It's important not to neglect your original blogging platform as it continues providing reliable earnings year after year. But, if you're looking for another way you can make money from blogging then consider these strategies:
- The Amazon Associates Program - This program pays affiliates up to 8% in commissions with the ability to convert shoppers at Amazon into sales made by your readers. The company offers more than half a million products and lets users shop through their Sign Up link in order to earn referral fees.

6) Write Sponsored Posts for Brands

Sponsored posts can be an excellent way to earn money from blogging. It's also a nice opportunity for brands who want exposure on social media. Sponsored content can come in many shapes and sizes, from sponsored tweets, Instagrams or Facebook ads. But it doesn't always have to be explicit advertisement. There are plenty of ways bloggers make sponsored posts meaningful for their readers, such as linking to a post about the brand's new product and providing an in-depth review. When done right, sponsored posts allow brands the chance to directly communicate with customers while giving bloggers an opportunity to build their own personal brand and provide monetary value to their readership with premium content.

7) Host Paid Pop-Up Events

Organizing and hosting an online workshop is a good way of generating additional income for your blog. People will be interested in attending your workshops if you have something valuable to offer them, so ask yourself what you can provide that would allow people attend a paid event remotely and set up the event from your own website. Offer three 60-minute events per year with $50 as the registration fee and sell tickets at $10/ticket. You'll receive $50 as the organizer fee when you sell out all three workshops, minus any fees associated with selling tickets on Eventbrite or PayPal (less than five percent). Now that you know how to make money by blogging - try these tactics!

8) Get Free Products to Review

The first strategy is how to earn money from blogging. One way that you can do this is by requesting free products or services in exchange for reviews on your blog. If you have an audience that would appreciate what a company has to offer, send them an email letting them know of your opportunity as a blogger, but only do this with companies that are reputable and have positive reviews. You can also sign up for blogging programs where you get paid for posting about certain products or services.

9) Offer a Mobile App for Download

We are giving away this free app for blogger which gives you over 100+ practical blogging tips, webinars and interview how-to's that will help you earn money as a blogger or how to make money from blogging. Now bloggers can grow their blog through advanced blogging tutorials and paid ad placements by driving traffic. In the end, this free app is proven way to make money by starting a blog or how to make money by blogger.

10) Write a Book on Amazon

1. Do your research before starting a blog so that you have realistic expectations.
2. Determine the audience for your blog--once you've done this, promote it like crazy within this group! 
3. Contribute your content on other sites or publications in order to generate a return. 
4. You should monetize your traffic with affiliate sales and by selling digital products (e-books, online courses). 
5. Promote sponsored posts through advertising on social media platforms and search engine ads (similar to search engine optimization).
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