Fletro Pro 6.1 Premium Blogger Template

Fletro Pro 6.1 Premium Blogger Template
Fletro Pro 6.1 Premium Blogger Template 

Fletro Pro Blogger Template is a clean and professional responsive blogger theme. It is designed to help bloggers create stunning blogs quickly and easily. It is fully responsive so it looks good on any device. It comes with many features like custom widgets, custom sidebars, custom menus, custom post types, custom shortcodes, etc. Fletro pro 6.1 Premium blogger template is the best SEO-friendly, fast loading, responsive, easily customizable blogger template.With Fletro Pro 6.1 Blogger Template your content will easily rank on Google.

Fletro Pro 6.1 Overview

The new version of Fletro Pro 6.1 Premium Blogger Template is now available.This is the latest version of Fletro Pro V6.0 Blogger Template. It comes with many improvements over the previous version.Jagodesain have added some new features like custom widgets, responsive design, and much more. You can get this theme right away.

About Fletro Pro v6.1 Premium Blogger Template

The Fletro Pro theme is a premium blogger template designed by Maki M, JagodeSain. It is very famous for its horizontal menu slider under the header which is not possible in wordpress or apps but now you can use it in your blog also with the help of Feltro pro v6.0. This theme comes with one of the fastest loading, SEO friendly, adsense friendly, very responsive and beautiful UI design.

The latest version of Fletro Pro 6.1 includes a lot of new features and improvements. It comes with a new responsive theme which makes your blog look good on all devices. You will get a better experience when you use this plugin.

The Fletro Pro template is a great choice if you want your blog to look professional and modern. It comes with a lot of features like custom widgets, social media integration, multiple post formats, etc. You can easily customize the layout according to your needs.

The Fletro Pro Premium template comes with a built-in dark mode toggle button. This allows you to easily switch between light and dark modes. You can access the toggle button on the top right corner of the page.

The Fletro Pro template is designed to showcase your tutorial content in a clean and professional manner. It features a large featured image on the homepage, which makes it easy to identify your content. The sidebar contains links to all of your social media profiles, making it easy to share your content across multiple platforms.

It features a large image slider on the homepage, which allows users to browse through all of your posts easily. There are also two columns on the homepage, each containing a featured post and recent posts section. This gives visitors a clear idea of what your site offers.

Pros of Fletro Pro v6.1

  1. You don't need any coding knowledge to customize this theme,  It very easy to customize everything from layout section
  2. Mobile friendly, Responsive and Fast loading
  3. Horizontal menu slider
  4. Grid view and list view 
  5. Supports Dark mode
  6. AdSense friendly and User friendly 
  7. Ads slots
  8. Can customize everything easily from Layout

Features of Fletro Pro v6.1


The Fletro Pro template is a fast HTML5 Bootstrap 4 template which is optimized for mobile devices. It comes with all the features you need for your next project.With the right optimization this template can be loaded in less than 1 second.


The new version of the template includes a few changes. Most notably, the header image has been removed and the logo has been moved to the top right corner of the page. Also, the navigation bar has been moved to the left side of the page. Finally, the footer has been updated to include links to the blog's social media accounts.

The new version of the template includes a few changes to the design. Most notably, the navigation bar on the left side of the page has been moved to the top of the page. This allows the user to see the navigation bar without having to scroll down the page. Also, the footer has been moved to the bottom of the page. This gives the user a better view of the footer before scrolling down the page.


You can use the color codes provided in the theme designer to change the colors of your blog. There are many ways to customize the look of your blog, but if you want to make changes without having to edit the HTML code, you can use the color codes.

Horizontal Menu Slider

The horizontal menu slider is a great way to display your blog posts on your website. It allows you to show multiple posts at once and gives visitors a quick overview of all the content on your site.

In Article Features

On the article page we also added several other features including:
1. Last Update Date
The first part is the article dating format that will automatically change according to the last date the article was updated, it will be very useful to tell the user that the article he is reading is always updated.
2. Reading Time Indicator
serves to calculate the length of time to read an article based on the number of paragraphs, with this feature users can estimate how long it should be spent to finish reading the article. 

 3.To support article typography, we add some features with an attractive look, all examples of its appearance you can see here, here is the full list:
  • Image with Caption 
  • Image with Grid Layout 
  • Image with Scroll Layout 
  • Manual Related Post 
  • Post Break 
  • Paragraph with Text Indent 
  • Paragraph with Drop cap 
  • Blockquote Table 
  • Manual Table of Content
  • Semi Automatic Table of Content 
  • Syntax Highlighter 
  • Show Hide Button 
  • Accordion Menu 
  • Note Block 
  • External Link Button Link 
  • Download Link 
  • Lazy YouTube 
  • Post Reference 
4. Share Button 
5. Author Profile 
6. Related Posts 
7. Custom Blogger Comment 
  •  Blogger comments on this template have been modified to appear more attractive, the changes we make include: 
  • Add a show/hide comment button 
  • Comment pop-ups
  • Change the comments from the longest or most recent 
  • Add timeago.js on the date of comment

Disqus and Facebook Comment 

As an alternative to Blogger's built-in comments, we provide comments on and Facebook that you can use easily.

Custom Widget 

  1. Unlike the usual template, this widget is custom to appear different, but because the reason css code is too long we limit there are only a few widgets available, namely:
  2.  Blog Navigation 
  3. Widget Widget Popular Posts 
  4. Widget Label Widget 
  5. Follow By Email 
  6. Widget Link list

Some Other Features 

No Feature Availability
1 Best Responsive Yes
2 Google Tool Validator Yes
3 Best SEO Friendly Yes
4 Best Mobile Friendly Yes
5 404 Page Yes
6 New Featured Post Yes
7 Shortcode Yes
8 Auto Read More With Thumbnail Yes
9 Ads Ready Yes
10 Responsive Footer Yes
11 Social Follow Button Yes
12 Multi Drop Down Yes
13 Best Search Widget Yes
14 Related Posts With Thumbnail Yes
15 Social Share Button Yes
16 Email News Letter Widget Yes
17 Recent Post Widget Yes
18 Detailed Documentation Yes

Template Details

Theme Name: Fletro v6.1
Theme Price: 200rb/ 20$/ 1496rs
Designer: M. Maki
Designer Country: Indonesia
Updated on : 20 November 2021
Official site : Jagodesain.com


We Recommend you buy from the original creator if you have enough money to pay and can affroad it to help the developer to create more awesome templates like this.


In this Post I have tried to explain all the pro features of Fletro Pro 6.1 Premium Blogger Template, and gave you Fletro Pro Premium Template for free.I hope you Liked this post.If you like this post,please do share with your friends and follow up our blog for more.
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