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Imagz 1.25 Landing Page Premium Blogger Template

iMagz v1.25 Premium Blogger Template is one of the Best Advanced and Responsive Premium Blogger Theme and very well know for it's Landing Page.
Imagz Landing Page Premium Blogger Template
Imagz Landing Page Premium Blogger Template

The Landing pages on the iMagz v1.25 Landing Page Premium Blogger Template make it one of the best advanced and responsive premium blogger themes. This template for Blogger was made by Jagodesain. I've gone into detail about all of iMagz v1.25 Theme's features below, so please read the whole post.

iMagz v1.25 Blogger Theme

iMagz has a landing page that can be used on both the posting page and another page. This template's design is more straightforward but still has all the necessary capabilities.

The way the menu looks is also different from other templates. It has 3 columns, with the navigation menu in the first column, which makes the navigation width smaller.

The Jagodesain company made the iMagz Blogger Template. One of the best landing page templates is this one. This template is both mobile- and ad-friendly.

This template is used mainly for articles, magazines, news, and a number of other categories. This is the best template for a landing page for online shopping.

Most of the people use this template in them. This template has a 404 Error page with Available Features, a stylish pricing table, colored buttons, the best landing page, an email sign-up form, and more. If you like this template, you'll go to the official website and buy it. If you like this post, please click "Like," "Share," and "Comment" on it.

Jago Desain made the next-level iMagz Blogger Template, which has a landing page idea that can be used to sell products or services. If most themes with the idea of landing pages only focus on how the homepage looks (and don't worry too much about how the posts look), Jago Desain balances the Blog and the landing page at the same time. So you can run both with just one blog. iMagz has a landing page that will also be used on the posting page. The design of this template is simple, but it has all the features you need. The way the menu looks is also different from other templates. It has three columns, and the first column is for the navigation menu, which can make the navigation width smaller.


This template is a combination of the two templates that came before it, plus landing pages, which are a new idea. On the home page of the post, it looks a lot like the Median UI with the Fletro Pro footer.

Now, in addition to the posting page and the landing page, there is also a Portfolio page that shows a list of the author's products, services, and skills that make them qualified.

There is also a page that says "Full read." This page is a new feature that was taken straight from Medium so that the full page can be seen.

If landing page templates usually only care about how the homepage looks, then this one doesn't. The site's designer, Muhammad Maki, says that the interface on each page is different.

From this, we can see that iMagz is made for websites with a lot of services and features.

Benefits of using the iMagz Blogger templates

Faster loading

Optimized by making templates smaller, like by compressing CSS and Javascript, so they load faster.


Templates are made with things like breadcrumbs that Google has already indexed and other markup schemas.

Fully Responsive

The size of the template can be changed to fit any screen, and the layout is well-organized by making the most of CSS performance.

Optimized for ads

Ready-to-use Adsense ads have been put in places where people click on them a lot.

Easier to use

It's easy to change the color, width, font, and widget settings in the Layout menu with Blogger Theme Designer.

Updated regularly

We always keep the template up-to-date and add new features or fix bugs as they come up.

Features Of iMagz Blogger templates

Now I'll talk about what the iMagz Blogger theme has to offer. There are many parts to the iMagz theme, but I will only talk about the most important parts.

If you want to see all of the features of the iMagz Blogger theme, you can go to the official website of the person who owns this Blogger template Devloper.

  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Landing Page
  • Landing Page in Post
  • Landing Page in Static Page
  • Custom Page
  • Blog Page
  • Portfolio Page
  • Fullread Page
  • Tab Post
  • Split Post
  • Ad Slots
  • Dark Mode
  • Load More Button
  • Last Update Date
  • Reading Time
  • Custom Blogger Comment
  • Disqus and Facebook Comment
  • Widget Custom
  • SEO Friendly
  • Valid Structure Data Google
  • Schema Markup
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Multi Tab Syntax Highlighter
  • Any More...

Template Details
Theme Name: iMagz v1.25
Theme Price: 150rb/ 15$/ 1116rs
Designer: M. Maki
Type: Premium 
Designer Country: Indonesia
Updated on : 20 November 2021
Official site :

You can buy this template from the person who made it if you like it. In this post, we talked about some of the Imagz V1.6 Blogger template's features. I hope that this post helped you. If this is your first time on our website, you can come back every day to read new posts. We're glad you stopped by our website.


We Recommend you buy from the original creator if you have enough money to pay and can affroad it to help the developer to create more awesome templates like this.

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